Thursday, January 30, 2014

USMS 1 Hour Postal

This entry is just going to be short and sweet.  US Masters Swimming conducts yearly "postal" events where you get the opportunity to swim a long distance, pay a fee and submit your results.  Its not highly competitive or stressful, just a neat way of comparing your results to people across the country.  I decided that in 2014 I'd do all of the postals (1-hour, 5K, 10K, 3000y and 6000y) with my friend Skutch.  He lives up in Philly so instead of swimming together we have to digitally taunt each other.

I did the swim on at Meadowbrook in a LCM lane (far left)

My goal was simple: break it into 15 min intervals and try and negative split.  My results from my Garmin are below and basically show just that.
There is that one blip in there at about the 25 minute mark where one of the NBAC swimmers dropped his medicine ball in the pool and I hat to toss it out.  Other than that the overall swim was uneventful.  Officially 3225 meters which equates to about 3525 yards.  Almost got Skutch, but just happy to get a good baseline to work off of.

On a related note I came across this on twitter today:
Looks like I have some training to do before the next one.

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